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So you want a Doula! What's Next?


Making the decision to add a Doula to your birth team is a courageous move, and I applaud you for taking this step!

The truth is, there are many reasons why anyone may wish to add a Doula to their Birth team. Trauma, Advocacy, an extra set of knowledgeable hands. Or perhaps just a sister who's been there and will rock you through the pain.

 What you'll get with a professionally trained Doula is constant physiological support that impacts the length, strength & experience of your labor. And although I can not guarantee any specific outcomes for your birth ( such is life), I CAN guarantee consistent, compassionate, educated support. 



1. Consultation/Meet & Connect: we get to know each other over a quick video chat or a delicious cup of coffee/tea and see if we make a good team. This is your time to ask any questions about doula support and tell me more about you. 

2. Booking: I only take a maximum of 3 birth clients per month to give each client specific individualized attention. To reserve your spot, a 50% deposit is due at the time of contract signing. All of this can be done electronically. However after our meeting I hold your spot for 7 days (giving you time to ask any additional questions and chat with others in your support team) until the contract is signed and deposit made.

3. Welcome: You are now a member of the Sisters In Birth family! You have access to online resources, a lending library, and doula support. Now is the time to complete your client registration form (a link will be emailed to you) to get an idea of what your birth visions look like, and how I can support you through your birth journey. I am now available for message/phone support 24/7! 

4. Prenatal Meeting #1: Within the comfort of your own home, the first prenatal meeting is all about getting to know each other. We'll discuss your goals for your birth, explore your birth options, review/debrief prior birth experiences (if relevant), and develop your birth preferences and intentions. We'll look at the Lamaze 6 Healthy Birth Practices, helping you to understand the process of labour and birth, and building trust in its incredible design. We'll also discuss each person’s role in the birth team and explore your expectations of your labour, birth and early postpartum experience.

5. Prenatal Meeting #2: In our second prenatal meeting we will explore & understand possible medical interventions, discuss the process of making informed decisions and talk through any fears & concerns you or your partner may have. We will also review your birth preferences, discuss your preferred pain management options and practice a variety of relaxation & active birth techniques and positions.

6. Birth: From the time you call, you have unlimited access to doula support until you're settled in after birth (around 2 hours post-birth). Most clients call in mid-active labor when they're ready to go to the hospital/birth center, but the decision is up to you as I can support you at home prior.

7. Postpartum Visit: Within the first two weeks, I will come to your home to check in on your well being. Ask any questions about infant feeding, sleep, or just take the time to debrief your birth and discuss this new world of motherhood and a shower if you need


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