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* All services are available once I am contracted as your Doula.
* Every one is different! The model of care given during the childbearing years will be as unique as the family itself. Here are a few examples of the kind of care you receive as my Sister In Birth.

Home Visits

Turn the stove on before my visit and I'll pop in a casserole or cookies to discuss your concerns. We'll roleplay labor positions, talk resources & discover how to get the labor YOU desire.

Lactation Consultant

After Birth I'll be there to ensure you get the best latch with your baby. Several days after birth, if lactation issues start to arise, I'll be there to help get you back onto the right track. If for some reason your scenario requires a IBCLC or another lactation professional, I have the resources to refer you. 

Alternative & Herbal Advice

Is your idea of health geared towards a more holistic/alternative model? You'll find a life long learner in me that is always open to alternatives for people's health. There is no one model that fits ALL, we are all so beautifully unique. Our care should be as well.

Birth Photography & Videography!

If hired as your Doula, I am your Doula first. If you'd like Birth Photographs, I'd be thrilled to wear my camera and do my best to capture the moment while supporting you and yours.


Or perhaps you'd like a full portfolio of Birth Images & curated videos only, no doula-ing. 

These moments aren't ones you can do over. They're worth seeing!

Child Development

Whether it's early child development, preteens or adults. We can find you the resources and a path forward that fits your family. 

As a homeschool mom about to graduate my oldest, I've spent years understanding & implementing methods to shape the next generation.

Prenatal Massage


Every mama that wants one, will get a prenatal massage!

My Treat! 

We'll plan your massage with a local therapist, scheduled for after 36 weeks.


*Sometimes therapists are booked out. The sooner you  contract with me, the more I can guarantee your massage. 

Birth Doula

As soon as you feel ready for me to join you in labor. I'll be there. Holding, rocking, shifting positions, encouraging, constantly  expecting your needs & those of your partner. 

I'll also probably be crocheting something in a corner from time to time, or snapping some photos & videos for your memory box.

Sleep Lab

Having trouble with your child's sleep rhythms? 

I'm just a phone call/ text away. 

Whether we consult, try different scenarios, or I just hold baby while you sleep. We'll get you & baby the rest you both need. 


All things fertility, pregnancy, labor, delivery & post partum. 

Need someone to talk to?

I'll never judge. Just support.

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You can Never have TOO much support!

I love that a Doula isn't just  support for Mothers. 

Here are some of  my Doula babies...growing up so fast!

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