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Dear Momma

You deserve to SEE your birth.

You deserve to have this transformative experience documented.

There is incredible power in birth photography.

We so often work through labor with our eyes closed. Focusing all our energy into the womanly work of labor. How will we remember these moments?

Could your partner snap some photos on their iPhone? Sure. Will your partner be in the photos they are taking? (Selfie excluded) No, not likely. Your team should be completely focused on you!

You don't get a redo!

In the grips of post partum you can look back on the accomplishments of your labor.

As an empty nester you can relive these moments in clarity.

Birth is going to change you.

The benefit of immortalizing the moment is clarity. I can't tell you how many mothers I've talked to through the years who struggled at different times in motherhood, reflecting upon their labors. If only they had captured the moment, perhaps they could have had more clarity.

& Aside from Wedding Photography, Birth Photography is marked as being the most transformative event that can be memorialized. 

What you're getting when you hire me is a professional. Someone who has an eye for detail, an eye for beauty and the equipment to handle the ever changing environment.  I have committed hours upon hours to know how to photograph births and as a professional Doula, how to conduct myself respectfully in the birth space.

I'm not a newborn or family photographer who takes on random births.

I am a birth photographer.

It's different.

I don't know the day, time, or the amount of time I will spend with you. 

But I DO know the kind of images you'll treasure.

I bring trust, calmness, and support to your birthing space, and

I am honored to take on the role of storyteller in your labor.

Newborn Baby
Baby's Clutch
Image by Amit Gaur
Newborn Baby with Mom

"We take photos as a return ticket

to a moment otherwise gone. "

-Katie Thurmes


I go on call for you 24/7 from 38 weeks until you give birth to your baby.

Coverage from active labor until 1-2 hours postpartum.

Early labor is a time for rest and nourishment, so I aim to join you during active labor. Once labor is well established, you will hardly notice my presence. I stay through birth until an hour or two postpartum. The newborn exam being completed tends to be my cue to part ways. This gives us plenty of time to document you bonding skin to skin, feeding baby, and maybe even your partner holding baby for the first time!

Professionally hand-edited digital images.

Your gallery consists of every image that is important to your story. Great care is taken with each individual photo to ensure that you receive a cohesive gallery. I always deliver a mixture of color and black and white images.

Print Release.



* Note: You do NOT need to hire me as your Doula to get great birth images. The above fee is just for photography.

However you can add photography to your Doula package at a discount


Birth Your Way!

Lachine, MI 49753


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I look forward to hearing about what YOU want in birth!

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