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Foraged Care

Proven Herbal Remedies for life's aches & pains.  It was a humid summer evening, dinner was still in the oven and I had just enough time to do evening chores. I was calling in the sheep when I noticed one of my ram lambs was limping. After a quick examination I could tell, his femur was broken. Fast thinking is a farmer's greatest tool. So I went to the garden, picked a handful of comfrey and made a rough splint & poultice. Just until I could run to the barn to get the right supplies. As I returned with sterile pads and wraps, I debated leaving the comfrey on for just a couple days. Two days later, I decided we'd keep applying fresh comfrey every few days. Just to see if it made a difference. What could it hurt, right? Well day 14 rolled around and I was unwrapping the ram and about to apply a fresh poultice. But to my surprise he took off as soon as I got the splint undone. Not only was he putting all his weight on his broken leg, but he was running! Surely his leg couldn't be healed enough in just 14 days! Oh -  yes it could! After this incident, I was hooked! I secretly prayed for accidents to happen around me just so I could test this theory I had, that Comfrey, also known as the "Bone-Mender" could heal within two weeks. As a farmer, I had plenty of incidents to test this theory on. Some a little gory, so I'll save the details. When I really started digging into the science literature that was published around comfrey, I realized there just wasn't enough evidence regularly done to convince me NOT to use this vibrant herb on absolutely everything. Thus started BooBoo Butter. As a child educator, homeschooling mother and doula I noticed there was a need for something that children could take ownership of, a way for them to self soothe when they got a Boo Boo. Something for parents & grandparents to keep in their purse, car, junk drawer that would soothe the aches & bruises as life dealt them. That is when the BooBoo Stick was born. Since then, life's problems and the beautiful people who have trusted me with their ills have led me to find many effective herbal remedies. Remedies for joint & muscle pain. Skin problems like eczema, severe psoriasis. Enlarged or irritated/damaged tonsils, tooth pain and cold/ flu like illnesses.  Every year I give out handfuls of BooBoo Sticks to people I see as they invariably hurt front of me! ( After all, I did pray for this!) It is my hope that every person who is interested in natural care have a herbal remedy on hand for when life's ails befall them and theirs. That's why for every Tin that is purchased, One BooBoo Stick will be donated ( most often to mama's) to those who need it. And if you're curious as to what makes these herbal remedies any different than the slew of others on the market today, I'll tell you. Our farm is located in the hills of northern Michigan, where we grow & forage all the herbal ingredients in our products. In this way we can promise those active cell rejuvenating compounds are as fresh and potent as they'll ever be. Processed by an experienced & educated, ecologically conscious harvester, ME!  I pray Yahweh blesses you & yours as you: “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls." From our Farm to your Cupboard

Disclaimer : None of the products or inormation given is meant to take the place of professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor before using herbal remedies. Particularly allergies to certain resins & herbs. Please read the ingredients before purchasing.
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