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“YES, I will be proud of you. I AM proud of you. I have been proud of you since first we met. I’m deeply touched that you would offer so much of yourself to me, and look forward to knowing all that you would care to share in the future. Nothing you could tell me could change my YES for you. Please remember that.”
- Fred Rogers
“I’m proud of you” by Tim Madigan


Meet the Doula

Hi, My name is Ariel & I deeply cherish mothering mothers.

 I am a DONA certified Birth Doula, Birth Photographer & Vitalist Herbalist. 

I stumbled into my role as a Birth Doula/ Labor Companion / Women's Helper in 2011 when a dear friend became pregnant with her first. Having already given birth confidently, I believed everyone could have a relaxed & positive experience. She trusted me, and so began my journey. 

It wasn't until a more traumatic birth experience with a "sister in birth" that solidified my  pursuit to nourish, hold space & advocate for mothers during their most vulnerable biological time. To educate myself and hold myself to a higher model of care, for birthing women. 

Now my "Sisters" and I address so many things that affect women's health. Consulting on lifestyle, nutrition, movement, psychology, physiology & more. The relationships I make with these amazing mothers inspire me daily to serve them better. That is why I partner with local Health & Wellness experts to provide services like NESSESSARY Prenatal Massages, fast results on blood tests & hair/mineral analysis tests, and thorough consults from holistic & naturally minded practitioners.

DONA International's goal : A Doula for everyone that wants one is a sentiment I champion. How changed our world would be if mothers got the support they need during their childbearing years. 

over 10 years experience

the Vision continued...

When I'm not doting on mothers & tending to family you can find me working with herbs. Whether that's in the gardens, foraging, or in the kitchen preparing remedies & nourishments. 

I still find it's just the most poetic of things, that the birth of my children should lead me to finding how to mend life's afflictions when they inevitably befall them. Naturally, motherhood led to herbalism. Naturally, Motherhood led to mothering mothers. 

In the higher model of care I strive after, I became certified in Herbs for the childbearing year as well as Disaster & Austere Birth as an Herbal Medic. Whether it be herbal recommendations, consultations or customized herbal remedies, my goal is to bless others with God's gift of creation. 

If you'd like to know more or have any questions, please email , I'd love to see how I can best serve you & yours!


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