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"Ariel was a huge support to me at the end of my twin pregnancy! She provided me with prenatal effleurage on two occasions to help alleviate my discomfort. Even though she was unable to attend my hospital birth (Covid rules), she was an encourager and listening ear. I would highly recommend Ariel to anyone desiring a strong support team at their birth! In my 7 birthing experiences, some with and some without a doula, I have seen first-hand the amazing difference a doula can make!"

- Leslie C.

"Ariel has been present during three of my child births and has helped me before and after all 5 of my pregnancies and deliveries. She is an absolute pleasure  to work with. Ariel has a very gentle, kind and pleasant demeanor that makes her an amazing doula. She is very in tune with a mother's needs especially during labor and delivery. I am not the easiest to work with when I am in active labor and Ariel has always found ways to bring me comfort and support. Ariel is extremely dedicated to helping moms achieve the best possible outcome from your ideal birth plan."

-Yuliya G.

".. It was the middle of the night and at this time in my labor I was exhausted and the contractions were so painful. My husband was also exhausted as he hadn’t slept during this time either, so having Ariel there was a huge relief for him. Ariel provided the support I needed through counter pressure, massage, encouraging words, prayer, and just her presence. She also supported our decisions and reassured us that we were on the right path..."

-Amanda S.

Young Mother


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